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This is a design project that translates and presents a collection. Focusing on interpreting the topic “transparency and layering”, I designed a gaming device that pushes forward the initial idea to create a tertiary meaning. Depicting a narrative of “vegetable superman saves the planet from pollution” through the device, I addresses the relationship between human and nature.

︎ 2019, Risograph, Interactive Design

VR Typography is an editorial project that designs a book based on a re-created typeface. I shifted the original Caslon typeface to a more angular, unconventional font and played around the idea of space. With the use of virtual reality headset, I designed an immersive experience that takes the viewer through the journey of walking among letters. The content of the book focuses on the future of typography and how designers can push the boundary of type design.

︎ 2018, Editorial Design, Experiential Design, VR

Pattern creation and application. I designed 6 unique patterns with the color combination I’m fond of.

︎ 2019, Interaction Design, Color + Pattern Design

Branding project: Researching a typeface that I like, I designed a pet food brand Jojo's (which is my dog's name) based on the characteristics of the typeface. Different packagings of various kinds of dog food are designed specifically. Hi-Fi website and phone mockup are generated to better serve the experience of the dog owner.

︎ 2019, Branding, UI design