App For People Under Stress 

Category Poject Duration
Method & Tools
My Role

Mobile app design /UX Research
~2 months part time
Survey | Interview | Wireframing | Prototyping | Figma 
Patricia Lai (UX Researcher), Ellie Tong (UX Designer)
Survey design + Mobile app design: wireframing & prototyping 


Aire is an APP that generates digitized nature experiences to provide a seamless and calming nature therapy to those who are feeling stressed on many different levels.

Featuring customized content targetted towards users with various background, Aire aims to provide a smooth, effortless journey for people who wish to form a meditating habit.

Understanding the Problem

We are now living in a fast-moving society. Everything requires speed and efficiency and we are exhausted by our daily lives. Meanwhile, we are growing more and more impatient towards things because we have a shorter attention span (to save time!). As a result of the contemporary working style, sleeping irregularity & anxiety is a prevalent issue. With the hope to reduce people’s stress and help them solve problems through meditation & nature, we developed Aire to benefit people’s lives.

Challenges and Goals

How might we create a meditation app that satisfies different groups of users’ needs while being highly customized?

How do we get the users engaged in our app to form a habit of meditating?

Design Process

User Research

We conducted multiple interviews to figure out the priorities and keypoints that we should focus on. We asked questions about their past experiences with meditation apps and what they wish to get from these apps. The participants were aged from 19-53 with various occupations. According to our research, we found out a few critical pain points that we could solve for the users:

1) provide the service with affordable price
2) provide the users with multiple options in different media: audio, video, etc.
3) assist the users to form a community and connect with friends
4) personalization and easy-to-navigate interface
5) help form a habit through reminder and streaks

To better summarize the main points, we built a persona to envision what goes on in a medical worker’s mind.

Onboarding Process Ideation

User flow for the registration process is aimed to be straight-forward with a survey to personalize content. The survey is skippable. Based on the user flow, we created the low-fi wireframe to visualize the process. We also revised the wireframe upon receiving the feedback from user testing.

Main Functions

For the main function of the app, we were divided into two group to focus on different sections. Based on the user research, we decided to have: Home + Explore + Routine + Profile sections. My group is in charge of the routine and profile section. Depending on how the user feels every day, the feed is customized based on their need. The profile also allows the user to keep a streak, invite friends and see their progress.


As this app is still in the developing process, I will conclude the time I participated in this project. We have spent a lot of time working on the user flow and hoping to provide something different to the users, something that they can truly enjoy without worrying about affordability. We were also happy to form a community that motivates people to move away from the busy work a little and enjoy their lilves. The highly personalized content of the project is a shining point. However, I wish we had more time to discuss about the strucutre of the app as I see some overlapping components in the main section.