NUTritious dedicates itself to making highly customized nut-mix products that all customers can purchase. I helped them with designing a packaging for an introductory product.

My Role

︎︎︎Conceptualized the introductory product
︎︎︎Built and maintained a visual system
︎︎︎Constructed prototype and tested usability


︎︎︎a nut-mix product that even customers with specific nut-allergy can safely use
︎︎︎This introductory product is for advertising purpose and leads to the company’s main site


︎︎︎2 weeks

Project Type

︎︎︎Individual project

The Challenge

How to create an introductory product that catches the potential customer’s eye and lead them to the NUTritious website to order their own customized nut-mix products, even if they are allergic to a specific type of nut in the product?


Part I: inspiration moodboard
I created a moodboard to brainstorm possible packagings.
• I decided to use paper as the material because it’s more eco-friendly.
• I found geometric packagings aesthetically pleasing and having compartment for each ingredient can be a solution to the challenge.
Part II: Competitive Analysis
• Mixed-nuts sell better if they are branded to have a specific benefit.
• Mostly plastic packaging — not eco-friendly.
• No separation, all mixed in one bag ­— if you are allergic to one nut, then you wouldn’t be able to purchase.

I then researched on potential packaging structure and made a paper prototype.

Design Solution

Once I determined the structure and content of the packaging, I designed a visual system.
• I chose to use bright colors to be eye-catching and appetizing.
• To ensure customers who are allergic to a specific type of nut in the nut-mix can safely use this product, I separated each ingredient in its own compartment.
• To lead the customers to the website, I designed stickers on the top of the packaging that contains the website link.
• Each compartment is also perforated so it can be separated for sharing purpose.

Final Design Outcome