*The Future*

︎︎︎a combination project of illustrations I’ve done about the future
︎︎︎includes: triptych drawing + one panel illustration + tarot card design
︎︎︎tools: procreate + adobe illustrator

After reading the book Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman, which fictionalizes Albert Einstein as a young scientist who is troubled by dreams. The book consists of 30 chapters and each explores dream and the concept of time.I was especially intrigued by the world where ppl have unexpected visions and sudden opportunities.

I was inspired by the reaction and behaviour of ppl when they receive, or waiting to receive fitful glimpses of their future. Thus, I created the 3 illustrrations to represent the 3 kinds of ppl:
1) who saw their future and was disappointed
2) who wasted time waiting to see their future
3) who tried to escape from future but failed

This illustration depicts my imaginary scene of the future. As we mention the “future”, the first image that jumps to our mind is usually the cold metals of robots or flashy neon lights. It feels as if we would be secluded from the earth and all lives on the earth. We are intoxicated with what we are able to build.
And eventually with all the technologies we developed, we would want to be immortal. The process of seeking immortality is the process of becoming God and breaking the limit of the universe. Thus, I created a scene of people becoming immortal, and those who tried to sneak in are getting caught. I used natural motifs becasue I wanted to break the boundry of techonlogy and nature.

These tarot cards I designed symbolize a way to explore the future. I chose The World and The Lovers because I perceive nature and love the two main components of our lives. 
On The World tarot card, I explored the use of gradient and illustrator graphics. I used the embryo motif to represent new life, new opportunities and repeating cycles. 
On The Lovers card, I used typography to create a ring effect, symbolizing two entities entangled.